Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Wedding Cake Symbol

The custom to cut the wedding cake has a very significant place in any wedding ceremony. It is the most awaited ceremony during a wedding. Every couple has some special conceptualization of their cake cutting ceremony.

Cakes are symbol of good luck for the newlywed couple to begin their happy married life. Once the wedding cake is cut, the bride and the groom would feed the cake to each other first. It symbolizes the beginning of their married life. It also signifies the commitment and love for each other.

There are different varieties of wedding cakes that are available. You can opt for any of the varieties depending upon your preferences. Some couples select the cake that suits their wedding dress or complements well with the wedding theme. Besides these, another important factor which is to be considered is your budget. Select the cake that fits in your budget. The traditional approach is to go in for a simple white cake for the ceremony. The white cake symbolizes purity and would provide the desired elegance to the ceremony.

There has been a drastic change in the style of the wedding cakes from the past. The cakes are available in single layer and multiple layers. These are available in various colors, flavors, and designs.

Some specialized professionals, such as cake designers, who design cakes as per your wedding theme and preferences. You can consult them and order the best one for your wedding. Some couples even prepare their own personalized cakes as per their choice.

You can use your ideas to create a simple wedding cakes as per your choice. However, you have to follow some general etiquette during the cake cutting ceremony. Some of these are described below:

You should never smash the cake on one another’s face and ruin the party. The cake should be properly cut and feed to each other i.e. to the bride and the groom. The cake should be later on properly sliced and then served to the guests. This ceremony should be organized after the meals.

The details provided here will inform you about the significance of the wedding cake. It will provide you guidelines regarding the etiquettes to be followed during the ceremony.

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